Another Look at Hate and Fear

I am certain that human nature is based on empathy, love, and compassion. The kind of violence that erupted in Charlottesville this week seems to provide substantial disconfirmation of that assumption. If humans are essentially “built” for love, how can we treat each other with such cruelty?  The answer is simple. We must be taught to hate and fear.  I have written on this before and I hope you will read my post on this topic.

We can choose to allow our natural empathy to flourish. We can choose to teach love and acceptance. 

One thought on “Another Look at Hate and Fear

  1. I agree with topic completely. We are not born with hate in our hearts, even the ones who suffer over time. Despite the hardships of life, it should not be able to control you by taking on so much cruelty in the world to those who are not deserving to it.

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